Online Fire Safety Training

Fire Training

The Law on Fire Training

The “Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order” states all employees should receive regular basic fire safety training.

Why do we need Fire Safety Training?

To reduce and prevent fire occurring in the first place, and to know what to do in the event of fire.

The Solution

Training your employees with our online fire safety training system will go a long way to give them greater awareness of the threat posed by fire to people and property.

* Institute of Fire Engineers approved
* Complies with fire safety law
* Reduces training costs
* Full administrative audit trail
* Engaging video content
* Automatic certification
* Certificate of fire safety training (view example)

How ?

Our online system makes delivering the fire safety training easy. Simply click here to purchase up to 575 licenses and assign them to individual users in your organisation. Once purchased, you will receive an email from Firecrest Services Ltd containing instructions for Client and End User administration.